Static Electricity Elimination

Static Electricity Elimination

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Series/CAD Ion generation method Ion balance
IZS31  Corona discharge type ±30 V or less
(±100 V in the case of stainless
steel electrode needle)
  • Discharge time: 0.3 sec.
  • The choice of 3 types of the sensors is available.
    • Rapid elimination of static electricity by a feedback sensor.
    • Ion balance control by an auto balance sensor.
      High-precision type: Accurately controls the ion balance at the workpiece position.
      Main body mounted type: Can function mounted directly on the ionizer by detecting current returning to ground.
  • A suitable electrode cartridge can be selected depending on the application.
    • Rapid elimination of static electricity type places emphasis on discharging speed.
    • Low maintenance type for improvement of the maintenance cycle.